Churches take a stand against racial injustice

Many Churches are speaking out following the death of George Floyd in the United States and subsequent protests around the world against racial injustice. Pastor Yinka Oyekan, President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, addresses the ‘ongoing issues that are choking the life out of black people and people of colour’ in the USA … Read more

Talking about mental health

The strains of lockdown are being felt by many. There are a number of Mental Health charities and organisations offering support to those affected. Here are just three examples of where you or someone you know can find help. In association with Ecclesiastical Insurance, Champion Health is offering a free online mental-health training session. Champion … Read more

Counting the cost of Coronavirus

The financial challenges facing our communities are more complex and overwhelming than have ever been experienced. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in the UK jumped by more than 856,000 in April, the first full month of the lockdown. Helplines have been inundated with queries from people who are confused about their options, including … Read more