Untold Stories: Celebrating Women’s History in Birmingham

To celebrate Women’s History Month we are holding an evening of talks on Women’s History by three fantastic speakers: Dr Sian Roberts  on Quaker Women in 20th Century Nicola Gauld on the Suffrage movement in Birmingham Fiona Joseph on the role of women workers at Cadburys during WW1  This event will happen on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7pm at The Woodbrooke … Read more

The Woodbrooke Centre

Woodbrooke has been a place of meeting and fellowship for nearly 120 years. Once the family home of prominent Quaker George Cadbury, Woodbrooke has been the main venue for residential Quaker learning in Britain.  Over the decades the way Woodbrooke has delivered this learning has changed to meet changing needs. Gone are the days when … Read more