Science and Faith in the Second City

When did you last hear someone say ‘…of course Science has disproved the existence of God’. It’s a popular view, widely held, but it is not true and as Christians we need to challenge the rather lazy assumptions that lie behind it. The argument goes that once upon a time we turned to God to … Read more

Why Climate Change Matters – (Lunchtime and Evening Event)

Why Climate Change Matters WITH DR RUTH VALERIO Event Date: Tuesday 24 May 2022 Event Time:12:30 PM Venue: St Martins in the Bullring, Edgbaston St, , Birmingham, B5 5BB Tickets can be booked via the links below Why Climate Change Matters – (Lunchtime Event) – Science and Faith in the Second City An evening event will also … Read more

Science and Faith in the second city

Can Science Explain Everything? – (Evening Event) WITH PROF JOHN LENNOX Event Date: Tuesday 26 April 2022 Event Time:7:30 PM Venue: Millennium Point Auditorium, Curzon St, Birmingham, B4 7XGAre science and faith opposed to one another? Does science disprove the existence of God? Or, alternatively, are science and the Christian faith complementary partners, together helping us to … Read more

Untold Stories: Celebrating Women’s History in Birmingham

To celebrate Women’s History Month we are holding an evening of talks on Women’s History by three fantastic speakers: Dr Sian Roberts  on Quaker Women in 20th Century Nicola Gauld on the Suffrage movement in Birmingham Fiona Joseph on the role of women workers at Cadburys during WW1  This event will happen on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7pm at The Woodbrooke … Read more